Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ya Ya Roly Poly!

In the realm of classic Hollywood most female stars were sly sirens or elegant ladies. Sometimes you just want a wholesome, hilarious, quirky, no-nonsense gal who can hold her own. And for that I go to Doris Day. She makes me laugh so hard I feel like I did my weeks worth of crunches! Her ability to tell it like it is and be so lovable is what makes her great. And she can sing to boot! If you have not been raised on her classics like I have I reccommend you try her out next time you want a funny romp with outstanding fashion sense. My favorite is "That Touch of Mink" starring Cary Grant. After being splashed by his towncar on the street she has a change of heart as she tries to tell him off resulting in a charming romance of hilarity as she decides if she minds being a kept woman. Highlights are definitely her hallucinations that "everyone knows" as they travel around (in a bed) to the pool, elevator, etc. But the best part is her attempt to charm him back by having a little to drink to loosen up and resulting in a drunk Doris with an empty bottle swinging around on her toe. Not much of a seduction... poor Doris! Too funny! You should definitely check out my other fave "Pillow Talk" as she has a love/hate experience with dreamy Rock Hudson. It is full of great laughs, some great fashions, and a song I absolutely love, "Roly, Poly". I get stuck singing it for about a week. I was introduced to her as a child with "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" which I still adore. Thanks, Dad. You can ususally get these on Netflix. Thanks for being funny and real Doris. She had her 88th birthday in April and continues to put all her efforts into her Doris Day Animal Foundation and the Humane Society. Check out this awesome clip from Touch of Mink with her personal fashion show at Bergdorf's. It is fun to check out the height of fashion for the time.

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