Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ode to Fred and Ginger

Anytime I have a day that I wish my mom were here to tell me "It's o.k. to stay in bed today." or I have an evening where I just need a fun escape I turn to my old faithfuls Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. I escape into their movies like a kid to cartoons. I imagine myself next to them on their fantastic art deco sets wearing their elegant, shiny costumes. I get swept away in their witty dialog and sweet flirtations. Really there is nothing better than an afternoon alone with Fred and Ginger and a box of Cocoa Pebbles. And for that I thank them. Always bringing a smile to my face and warm fuzzies to my heart. I have all of their movies and my favorites are Follow the Fleet and The Gay Divorcee.... o.k. well Swing Time too. Ginger is the epitome of the girl with moxie and glamour. Her sassy comebacks to Fred are hilarious! Their dancing is both fun and incredibly romantic. I hope you have discovered them too and are curling up right now with your favorite comfort sweets. Here's a clip of their famous scene from Swing Time. I love their exit! Enjoy!

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